Shocking Betrayal! GOP Moves to Oust Rep. Santos!

George Santos, the embattled Republican representative from New York, is facing even more backlash from within his own party. His fellow Republican, Rep. Anthony D’Esposito, has introduced a resolution that could potentially expel Santos from Congress. This move comes just one day before Santos is set to enter a plea of not guilty in his federal trial for stealing campaign donors’ identities and credit card information.

The introduction of this resolution puts the pressure on the chamber to take action within two legislative days. However, the chances of Santos actually being expelled are slim. The Constitution mandates a two-thirds majority vote in order to expel a member of Congress, a feat that has only been accomplished five times since the start of the Civil War. Nonetheless, this resolution sends a strong message about the dissatisfaction and concern among Santos’ Republican colleagues.

This is not the first time there have been calls to expel Santos. Earlier this year, Democrats made an attempt to have him expelled, but then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy referred the matter to the House ethics committee, arguing that the courts should first determine the legal and factual issues. At the time, D’Esposito denounced Santos as a “stain” on the institution of Congress and expressed his desire to rid the House of Representatives of this “scourge on government.”

While the outcome of this resolution remains uncertain, it is clear that Santos’ troubles are far from over. The ethics committee will continue its investigation into his alleged wrongdoing, and the spotlight will remain firmly fixed on the embattled representative from New York. The coming days will reveal whether Santos can weather the storm or if he will face the consequences of his actions.

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