FBI’s Hunter Biden Narrative Crumbles: What They Aren’t Telling Us

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to their credibility. During the Trump presidency, they were tangled in the Russian collusion scandal, where they even doctored evidence to obtain illegal spy warrants on Trump associates. Now, they’re trying to pull a fast one with the Hunter Biden story. It’s no surprise that they’re targeting him since 2020. This week, an FBI agent named Thomas Sobocinski attempted to contradict the testimony of IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler by claiming that he heard no mention of David Weiss lacking authority to bring charges against Hunter Biden. But Shapley just delivered more notes that expose this latest attempt by the FBI to interfere with the truth.

Shapley has provided nine new documents related to the botched Hunter Biden investigation that further support his earlier testimony about the meeting with Weiss. These documents debunk the counterclaims made by Sobocinski and add more weight to the whistleblowers’ credibility. It’s clear that the FBI is desperately trying to discredit these witnesses whose testimony has caused headaches for Democrats and has disrupted the Hunter Biden plea deal. This interference by the FBI might also be an attempt to divert attention from the incriminating news against the Biden administration. It seems like the bureau’s days of being an apolitical and trustworthy agency are long gone.

This isn’t the first time the FBI has tried to squash allegations against the Biden family. They previously pushed an alternate timeline that didn’t align with the facts. House Democrats eagerly jumped on this narrative, falsely claiming that Rudy Giuliani was involved in the allegations and that Attorney General William Barr shut down the investigation due to lack of evidence. But the truth is that Barr handed the matter over to the US Attorney’s Office for Delaware. The FBI has been aware of the Biden family’s questionable activities since 2018, including a $10 million bribe to Joe and Hunter Biden from Burisma. This constant manipulation of the narrative only further erodes the FBI’s credibility.

In the end, it’s clear that the FBI can no longer be trusted as a reliable source of information. They have repeatedly shown their bias and willingness to distort the truth for political purposes. It’s time for a complete overhaul of this once-respected institution. The American people deserve better than a compromised and deceitful law enforcement agency.

Written by Staff Reports

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