Federal Judge Halts Biden’s Border Fiasco: Texas Scores Big Win!

A federal judge in the Western District of Texas has issued a temporary restraining order against the Biden administration, effectively halting their irresponsible plan to eliminate vital border security measures. This is an astounding victory for the State of Texas. It is long past time for someone to oppose the open borders agenda of this administration!

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has initiated the lawsuit, which alleges that federal officials deliberately caused damage to Texas property in the border region by severely severing the state's concertina wire. Evidently, the purpose of this abhorrent action is to facilitate the ingress of unauthorized immigrants into our esteemed nation. Fortunately, in light of the critical nature of the circumstance, the court issued this restraining order.

Texas has presented substantial evidence—including official declarations, photographs, and videos—that unequivocally demonstrates instances in which federal officials damaged state property while permitting migrants to enter without restriction. This constitutes a direct assault on the sovereignty and border control of the state of Texas.

The Biden administration's disregard for the safety of American citizens and the rule of law is manifest. They have filed multiple lawsuits against the Lone Star State in regards to its border protection and immigration law enforcement. Adhering to this restraining order is an essential measure in opposition to their perilous and ill-advised policies.

In the lawsuit, Attorney General Paxton explicitly stated that the matter at hand extends beyond property rights and aims to deter illicit activities including unauthorized entry, human trafficking, drug smuggling, and possible infiltration by terrorists. It is about safeguarding the security and sovereignty of our nation and protecting the American people.

The Biden administration has demonstrated a total lack of concern regarding the unprecedented volume of unauthorized entries that is occurring along our southern frontier. Earlier this year, Texas implemented a proactive measure at the Eagle Pass border entry by installing razor wire fencing. However, despite this, boundary Patrol agents continued to greet migrants with fist bumps as they crossed the boundary. This circumstance is untenable.

Border Patrol officials assert that migrants must be apprehended upon their arrival on U.S. soil. Cutting through fencing, nevertheless, merely permits additional migrants to enter unopposed. It compromises our barriers and undermines our border security efforts. The razor wire was intentionally erected with the purpose of discouraging unauthorized border crossings. Not even rocket science!

Hopefully, this temporary restraining order is the beginning of a larger victory against the catastrophic immigration policies of the Biden administration. All Americans, including Texas, have the right to secure their property and strong borders. Prioritize the safety and security of our great nation over the perilous open borders agenda that has come to an end. It is vital to our future!

Written by Staff Reports

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