Fiery Donalds Fights Back at ‘Hate Group’ Tag for Moms For Liberty!

U.S. Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) stood up against the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center’s ridiculous claim that Moms For Liberty is a “hate group” during the group’s super cool annual summit in Philadelphia. This summit was like the Avengers assembling, with Donalds, former President Trump, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis all joining forces to fight for freedom and parental rights.

Moms For Liberty was born in the great state of Florida in 2021, and their mission is to take on those pesky COVID restrictions in schools. They’ve been battling against remote learning, lockdown policies, and those darn mandatory masks and vaccines. They also have the audacity to stand against leftist nonsense in the classroom, like teaching our kids that gender is a social construct and that the world is divided into oppressors and victims based on race. Good for them!

But because Moms For Liberty is boldly challenging the liberal agenda, they’ve become the target of a massive smear campaign. Left-wing activists and politicians, who must have some kind of obsession with branding things, have been using the Southern Poverty Law Center’s laughable designation of “hate group” to demonize this amazing organization. Can you believe they’re comparing these patriotic moms to the Nazi party and the Klu Klux Klan? Outrageous!

In fact, hundreds of these far-left activists have swarmed into Philadelphia to protest the summit. They even came all the way from other states just to yell and scream outside the event like a bunch of spoiled toddlers. But you know what? Byron Donalds wasn’t having any of it. He called out the press for their ignorance and stood strong against the smear campaign. Good for him!

In his fiery speech, Donalds made it crystal clear that these protesters and the bureaucrats in school districts who oppose Moms For Liberty do so because they believe they own our children. Can you believe that? They actually think our kids belong to them and not to us parents! It’s like they skipped kindergarten and never learned the concept of family.

But wait, there’s more! After Donalds dropped that truth bomb, he introduced none other than President Trump himself. And boy, did he bring the house down! The crowd erupted with applause and chants of “we want Trump,” because who wouldn’t want Trump?

Trump wasted no time in tackling the absurd claim that Moms For Liberty is a hate group. He quipped that the real haters are the ones slandering these amazing moms. He even joked that they must hate their own children. Classic Trump wit!

But in all seriousness, Trump praised Moms For Liberty as joyful warriors and fierce patriots. And he’s absolutely right! These moms are not the threat to America, as the left would have you believe. No, it’s Joe Biden and his band of Democrat communists who are tearing down the fabric of our great nation. Moms For Liberty is fighting to restore freedom and protect our children from their radical agenda.

So kudos to Byron Donalds and Moms For Liberty for standing up against the smear campaign and the leftist mob. They are the true heroes, defending liberty, parental rights, and the future of our glorious nation. Keep up the good fight, Moms For Liberty! You are the best thing that’s ever happened to America!

Written by Staff Reports

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