Shocking! Democrat Fumbles on Hunter Biden Probe Queries

In a recent Sunday interview with a mainstream media outlet, Democratic Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA) was caught off guard when asked about political interference by the Justice Department in the investigation against Hunter Biden. The interview, conducted by ABC News, took an unexpected turn when Khanna stumbled over his response to charges made by a whistleblower within the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The whistleblower, Gary Shapley, a career civil servant with the IRS, claimed to have witnessed Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss refusing to grant special counsel powers to bring charges against Hunter Biden in other jurisdictions. Khanna attempted to downplay the seriousness of these allegations by pointing out that Weiss, who was appointed by President Trump, was allowed to freely investigate Hunter Biden. However, this statement contradicts sworn testimony given by Shapley.

It is important to note that President Biden had the power to fire Weiss, as is customary following a change in administration, but he chose not to exercise that power. This decision allowed Weiss, who was appointed by President Trump’s administration, to retain his position and have control over the decision-making process regarding Hunter Biden’s case. Khanna’s attempt to dismiss these concerns is concerning in itself, as it undermines the importance of upholding the principle of impartiality in the justice system.

ABC reporter John Karl intervened to remind Khanna of Shapley’s sworn testimony, which Khanna promptly shrugged off. According to Khanna, if Weiss himself had claimed interference, then there may be cause for concern. However, since Weiss has not made such a claim, Khanna seems to believe that no interference actually occurred. This logic is flawed, as it ignores the potential pressure and influence that could have been exerted behind the scenes.

It is worth mentioning that last month, federal prosecutors in Weiss’s office reached a plea deal with Hunter Biden, in which he admitted guilt to charges of tax fraud and firearm possession. This deal, which allows Hunter Biden to avoid prison time through a pre-trial diversion program, is unprecedented in the district of Delaware for individuals facing similar charges. This lenient treatment raises questions about the fairness and objectivity of the investigation.

Shapley, the IRS whistleblower, has been vocal in the media about being denied opportunities to connect President Biden to his son’s questionable business dealings. Additionally, evidence has emerged that U.S. attorneys in New Jersey and Los Angeles, who also declined to bring charges against Hunter Biden, had a history of making political donations to President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. These findings further fuel concerns about political bias and interference within the Justice Department.

It is disheartening to see a Democratic congressman like Ro Khanna dismiss serious allegations of political interference without fully addressing the evidence presented. This type of partisan defense undermines the credibility of our justice system and erodes public trust. The American people deserve transparency, fairness, and equal treatment under the law, regardless of their political affiliations. It is essential that investigations into potential wrongdoing be conducted without bias or interference, ensuring justice is served and maintaining the integrity of our institutions.

Written by Staff Reports

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