Biden Eyes Court Expansion; Will Merit-Based Admissions Survive?

President Biden, in a recent interview with MSNBC, discussed the Supreme Court’s decision on the Harvard and University of North Carolina admissions programs. And let me tell you, folks, Biden did not disappoint when it came to adding his own liberal spin to the discussion.

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace, who is clearly no fan of the conservative majority on the Court, asked a leading question, suggesting that the justices were “too young and too conservative.” Now, that’s just a typical liberal tactic, trying to paint conservatives as some sort of menace to society. But Biden, always the diplomat, agreed with her, claiming that the Court could do “too much harm.”

But here’s where the president gets it all wrong, folks. Instead of recognizing the importance of a Constitutionally-minded Court that upholds the rule of law, Biden hinted at the idea of expanding the Court. Can you believe it? This would be nothing more than a blatant attempt to politicize the Court and undermine its legitimacy. But hey, what else can we expect from the radical left?

And if that wasn’t enough, during the end of the interview, Biden decided to make a grand exit. Instead of waiting for a commercial break like a normal person, he awkwardly hobbled off the stage, leaving poor Nicole Wallace hanging. Clearly, Biden’s television skills could use some work. Maybe he should stick to scripted speeches, where he can’t stumble over his words or walk off set.

But let’s not forget the danger of Biden’s statements on the admissions programs. In a statement issued after the Supreme Court ruling, he suggested that universities should find ways to work around it. He wants colleges to focus on the so-called “adversity” faced by applicants from “diverse backgrounds.” Now, don’t get me wrong, folks, adversity should be acknowledged, but it shouldn’t be the sole basis for admission. We need a merit-based system that rewards hard work and intelligence, not just a checkmark on the diversity list.

So, as we can see, folks, Biden’s interview only further highlights his liberal agenda and his misguided attempts to undermine our institutions. We need a conservative Court that safeguards our Constitution, not one that bends to the whims of political correctness. And next time, Mr. President, maybe stay in your seat until the show is over. Just a thought.

Source: Trending Politics

Written by Staff Reports

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