Firestarter Biden: Birthday Cake Blaze Spreads Panic Online!

President Joe Biden celebrated his 81st birthday in true Biden fashion. After a day of pardoning turkeys and mixing up his pop stars, he posed with a cake covered in 81 blazing candles. It was quite the sight, resembling the infamous blaze that occurred when the British visited the White House in 1814. Biden, always one for a joke, captioned the photo on his Instagram account with, “Turns out on your 146th birthday, you run out of space for candles!”

But as expected, the photo quickly caught fire on X, formerly known as Twitter. Many people couldn’t help but draw comparisons between the inferno on Biden’s cake and the chaos caused by his own policies. From defunding the police to their disastrous economic decisions, the Biden administration has left a trail of destruction in their wake. And let’s not forget their embarrassing displays of weakness on the world stage. It’s no wonder Biden’s birthday became a meme—because it perfectly encapsulates the dumpster fire that is his presidency.

No matter what issues arise, Biden and his team always seem to brush them off with a casual “everything’s fine.” But we all know the truth. Inflation is skyrocketing, Afghanistan is in shambles, and our relationship with Russia is hanging by a thread. The supply chain is a mess, the border is wide open, and classified documents conveniently go missing. And yet, Biden remains unfazed, clinging to the table to avoid falling out of his chair. It’s clear he doesn’t feel the heat of the fires he’s set.

And just when you thought one blazing cake was enough, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre revealed that Biden would be having another cake on Tuesday evening in Nantucket. It seems Biden’s appetite for cake is just as insatiable as his appetite for bad policies. Happy birthday, Mr. President. Let’s hope the flames on your cake don’t mirror the ones engulfing our country and the world.

Written by Staff Reports

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