Franklin Graham Calls For Prayer Amid Trump Witch Hunt

Franklin Graham has recently called for all Americans to pray for former President Donald Trump as his impending indictment looms closer and closer. Graham has been a vocal supporter of Trump’s policies and leadership, particularly his stance on religious freedom, conservative values, and pro-life issues. He also defended Trump during his presidency, during the impeachment proceedings and the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a Facebook post, Graham wrote “We need to pray for our country and where it is headed. The left in Washington and across the country just can’t get their fill of attacking Donald Trump. They are so paranoid of him. The onslaught against him is continual.” Graham went on to say that the charges against Trump are “definitely politically motivated,” and asked Christians across the country to pray for Trump “that God’s hand would be upon him, protect him, and direct him in every step he takes—and that God’s will be done.”

It is clear that Franklin Graham is a strong supporter of former President Donald Trump and his policies. While some fellow evangelical leaders and Christians have criticized Graham for his unwavering support of Trump, Graham has maintained that he is not endorsing Trump’s character but rather his policies and actions as president.

As the left continues to push for the indictment of Donald Trump, it is more important than ever for conservatives to stand up and support the former president. Franklin Graham has been a beacon of hope for conservatives in these trying times, calling on all Americans to pray for Trump and his future. It is clear that Graham is a strong believer in the power of prayer and that he truly believes that God will protect and guide Donald Trump in the days ahead.

Written by Staff Reports

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