KJP Dodges Reporter Questions: Chaos Erupts at Press Briefing

In the White House, Monday was a day of contrasts. Although the cast of the popular television program "Ted Lasso" was in town to talk about the significance of mental health, a few White House reporters' mental health may have lately deteriorated since they are still not receiving answers to their inquiries.

Many people are frustrated by the Biden administration's blatant lack of openness. Simon Ateba, a reporter for the White House, yelled at KJP, saying, "You're making a mockery of the First Amendment!" Ateba continued to shout at KJP for failing to respond to inquiries. He clarified, "This is not China!" This is not Russia," he said, as the crowd went crazy.

Evidently, President Joe Biden and his press secretary KJP are attempting to conceal information from the American public. Their lack of openness and refusal to answer questions stands in striking contrast to previous President Donald J. Trump, who was everything but evasive and dismissive. It is not surprising that the American public is so fed up with this administration's lack of accountability.

It is imperative for Joe Biden and KJP to take some leadership lessons from Ted Lasso and become more honest and upfront with the American people. It is time for them to stop hiding behind their lack of openness and begin addressing questions. The American people deserve better, and Joe Biden and KJP must begin taking responsibility for their conduct.

Written by Staff Reports

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