GOP Defies Biden, Backs Israel’s Right to Self-Defense!

Rep. María Salazar (R-Fla.) proudly presented a House Republican resolution in a bold display of unwavering support for Israel at a press conference in Washington on Wednesday. The fiery resolution condemned the Biden administration’s demand for Israel to adhere to a “one-sided cease-fire,” sparking outrage among conservative House members rallying behind Israel’s righteous actions.

In a fervent display of solidarity, Rep. Salazar and her Republican colleagues boldly declared their unyielding loyalty to Israel, pushing back against the biased calls from the Biden administration. The resolution firmly denounced the administration’s misguided attempts to pressure Israel into a cease-fire, emphasizing the need for a fair and balanced approach to the conflict.

The resolute Republican stance sends a clear message to the Biden administration: conservative lawmakers refuse to stand idly by while Israel faces unwarranted pressure from the left. Rep. Salazar fervently champions Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorist threats, firmly rejecting any notion of one-sided diplomatic overtures that undermine Israel’s security.

As Rep. Salazar and her fellow Republicans stand unwaveringly with Israel, they demonstrate their staunch commitment to upholding conservative principles and safeguarding America’s vital strategic ally in the tumultuous Middle East. With bold determination, the House Republicans rally behind Israel in the face of adversity, echoing the resounding sentiment that our allegiance to Israel remains steadfast and unshakable.

Written by Staff Reports

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