GOP Rep. Mills Rescues US Citizens: Says Biden Fails To Protect!

In a recent interview on Fox News, Republican Representative Cory Mills of Florida shared his efforts in helping 32 Americans escape Israel. He criticized the Biden administration for its lack of action and stated that this was his second time stepping in to do their job. Mills previously conducted a successful rescue mission in 2021, but he believes the current administration has no plan or strategy to evacuate trapped Americans and church groups.

Mills described how he worked with a pastor and isolated individuals who were stuck in dangerous areas with canceled flights. They felt trapped and were desperate for a way out. Despite reaching out to the State Department for assistance, they received little support. Feeling a sense of duty, Mills decided to take action and help these Americans in need.

The congressman emphasized that the actions of the government do not define the American people. He praised the American spirit and highlighted the importance of elected officials standing up and taking action when necessary. Mills hopes that his intervention has given these individuals confidence that Americans will not be left behind.

This story reflects on the lack of leadership and planning within the Biden administration. It’s concerning that citizens had to rely on the help of a congressman, rather than the government, to ensure their safety. This is just another example of how the current administration is failing the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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