GOP Unleashes DEFUND Act, Aims to Ax US Ties with ‘Corrupt’ UN

Reps. Chip Roy of Texas and Mike Rogers of Alabama, both courageous Republicans, introduced the "Disengaging Entirely From the United Nations Debacle Act of 2023," also referred to as the DEFUND Act, on Wednesday. This act was a valiant stand against the United Nations. Senator Mike Lee of Utah has also introduced a comparable measure in the Senate, thereby contributing to this battle.

This legislation is unambiguous and direct in its approach. It avoids superfluous details. Its objectives are the revocation of the United Nations Participation Act of 1945, the cessation of U.S. membership in the organization, and the closure of the U.S. mission to the UN. It is comparable to a divorce, but the entire United Nations is involved! In addition, the measure proposes the repeal of the United Nations Headquarters Agreement Act of 1947, the legislation that established the UN headquarters. Touchdown with severing connections!

Regarding financial provisions, the measure spares no expense. It is unequivocally stated that the United States will not be permitted to contribute any funds to the United Nations, its agencies, or any other affiliated organizations. The measure additionally imposes limitations on U.S. involvement in any United Nations peacekeeping operations. It is equivalent to stating, "The United Nations deserves nothing more than this penny!"

Why would they choose to engage in combat with the United Nations? As it turns out, neither the United States nor its allies have had the greatest time with the United Nations. The United Nations has been apathetic towards the plight of our allies in Israel, particularly since the abhorrent Hamas attack that claimed the lives of 1,200 innocent Israelis. Men, women, and children were all the targets of this assault; not even infants or Holocaust survivors were spared. Truly, it is deplorable!

Moreover, what measures has the United Nations taken in response? Simply not much! UN Women, specifically, has been exhibiting a hesitant and circumspect approach towards the matter, nearly refraining from explicitly denouncing Hamas. Conversely, they appear to be comparing the plight of Israeli women to that of Gaza's Palestinians. It required nearly two months to create a pinned post regarding the incident, and that endeavor was not without its challenges. The United Nations ought to advocate for justice rather than engage in political maneuvering.

Even worse, the United Nations appears to have dubious connections. Reports have surfaced implicating the United Nations in the confinement and maltreatment of hostages. A captive disclosed that they were being held in the residence of a teacher employed by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). Furthermore, when questioned regarding these accusations, the United Nations and its agencies provided ambiguous and inadequate responses. It's as if they were captured with their underwear on!

The legislators who sponsored the bill expressed themselves unequivocally. Rep. Roy denounced the political agenda and corruption of the United Nations, enumerating a multitude of concerns regarding the institution and urging urgent attention. This sentiment was reiterated by Senator Lee, who demanded an end to the blank checks that the United States has been writing to the United Nations, demonstrating how American dollars have been used against American values. In a similar vein, Representative Rogers accused the United Nations of legitimizing terrorist propaganda and disseminating antisemitic sentiments. They are exerting maximum effort in their endeavor to cut funding for the United Nations.

The United Nations may believe it can continue to play its games, but these Republicans say, "Not on our watch!" The United Nations' shadowy, anti-Israeli, and anti-American agenda must come to an end immediately. Annually contributing billions to the United Nations, the United States sustains their malfeasance; this should cease immediately. These legislators are prepared to confront the United Nations and demand an end to their absurdity. It is time to #DefundTheUN and demand greater international accountability!

Written by Staff Reports

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