Dad Rebels Against School Indoctrination with ‘Progress Pride’ Agenda

In a courageous act of resistance against a school’s radical LGBT agenda, a father in Colorado is taking a stand for his children’s rights. Nathan Feldman visited his children’s school and was shocked to see gay pride flags displayed everywhere. Determined to promote inclusivity and diversity of viewpoints, he approached the school administrators and requested that they also display a “straight pride flag” alongside the other banners. Unfortunately, his request was denied, prompting Feldman to file a lawsuit against the school for violating his freedom of speech and engaging in viewpoint discrimination.

In an interview with Fox News, Feldman’s lawyer, Michael Yoder, criticized the “diversity and equity” policies that have infiltrated schools across the country. Yoder argued that educators are introducing explicit sexual content in elementary school classrooms and only presenting a one-sided discussion that promotes the radical left-wing and gay agenda. He commended Feldman for his actions, stating that if more parents took a stand like him, such policies would never have been implemented in the first place.

The conflict between Feldman and the school began when he noticed the proliferation of sexuality flags, including the “Progress Flag,” which represents various sexual identifications. Feldman felt that these flags were not inclusive of all students and only represented one viewpoint on the topic of sex. He requested a “straight pride flag” to be displayed as well, but the school ignored his request and justified their decision by claiming that their diversity schemes only applied to specific groups. Frustrated by the lack of diversity in the school’s approach, Feldman decided to sue the school.

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District of Colorado, names the board of Denver Public Schools, Superintendent Alex Marerro, district Operations Director Christina Sylvester, Slavens School Principal Kurt Siebold, and two teachers as defendants. Feldman is seeking $3 million in punitive damages. While the school administrators refuse to comment on the lawsuit, they did reveal that the school board passed a resolution in 2020 supporting the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ individuals.

Feldman’s lawyer hopes that the lawsuit will bring attention to the issue of viewpoint discrimination in public schools and promote genuine diversity. He emphasized that Feldman’s intention is not to attack the LGBTQIA+ community but to highlight the violation of his First Amendment rights. Some legal experts, such as civil rights attorney David Lane, believe that Feldman has a strong case. Even though Lane disagrees with Feldman’s position, he acknowledges that the school is engaging in discrimination by selectively allowing certain political speech while silencing others.

Ultimately, if schools insist on discussing politically charged issues and promoting radical agendas, it is crucial for them to expose students to all viewpoints. This will allow students to develop critical thinking skills and form their own opinions. The better policy, however, would be for schools to avoid these contentious topics altogether and focus on core academic subjects like math and science. After all, shouldn’t schools be prioritizing education over political indoctrination?

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