Greene Smacks Down WH Criticism on Impeachment Talk!

In a defiant stance, Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia dismissed the White House's criticism of her position regarding her statement opposing funding the government until the House launches an impeachment investigation against Biden.

In response, Greene fired back on her preferred platform, X. She accused the White House of attacking her for opposing the government's funding until it launches an impeachment investigation against Biden.

In her thread, Greene stated that there is evidence that shows the administration is trying to hide the truth about the allegations against Biden. She also asked whether or not the House should investigate further. The White House, she claimed, is outraged by her boldness to demand such an investigation.

Addressing her constituents during a town hall meeting, Greene listed down her list of demands. Some of these included an impeachment inquiry, the blocking of funds for Ukraine's war, the defunding of the new COVID-19 vaccine mandates, and the removal of weapons-related agencies under Biden's administration. She also called for the dismissal of David Weiss, who she claimed is protecting Hunter Biden.

Andrew Bates, a spokesperson for the White House, accused Greene of being part of the far-right fringe of the Republican Party. He noted that her call for an impeachment investigation was nothing more than a stunt. He also said that a government shutdown caused by extreme House members could have negative effects on the economy and disaster preparedness.

She also took issue with the policies of the Biden administration, particularly regarding the opioid crisis in the country. She claimed that they let the Chinese and child sex trafficking cases run rampant, causing inflation to reach its highest level in 40 years and leaving many senior citizens in poverty.

According to the article, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that law enforcers have seized over 400 million doses of fentanyl since Operation Lone Star was launched in 2021. Greene's criticism of the government's response seems fitting since fentanyl is becoming a leading cause of death in the country among people aged 18 to 45.

Despite the backlash, House Speaker McCarthy stated that there is a possibility of launching an impeachment investigation against Biden. He noted that there are concerns among Democrats about the situation. He also called on both parties to give the House the power to investigate.

Although numerous Republican congressmen, such as Greene, have introduced resolutions aimed at impeaching Biden, such measures can only be carried out through a vote in the House. McCarthy noted that the decision to launch an investigation should be made by the people of the House.

It is clear that Greene will not back down in the face of criticism and backlash as the impeachment saga unfolds. She is committed to standing up for what she believes in and ensuring that the administration is held accountable. Even though her actions may not lead to the desired outcome, Greene is not backing down easily.

Written by Staff Reports

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