Biden Skips Ohio Disaster, Prioritizes Global Jaunts!

President Biden’s absence from East Palestine, Ohio following the devastating train derailment has caught the attention of both residents and journalists alike. While surveying the damage caused by Hurricane Idalia in Florida over the weekend, the President was confronted with a question about his failure to visit the affected Ohio town. His response, however, left much to be desired.

In typical Biden fashion, he stumbled through his explanation, citing a lack of opportunity and a busy schedule as reasons for not yet visiting East Palestine. It seems that the President’s priorities lay elsewhere, as he mentioned upcoming trips to India and Vietnam. It’s no surprise that his attention is focused on globetrotting instead of addressing the needs of American citizens right here at home.

Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio has been proactive in advocating for assistance from the federal government. He is urging President Biden to issue a Major Presidential Disaster Declaration, a step that would unlock additional resources and aid for the affected community. It’s clear that Governor DeWine recognizes the severity of the situation and the importance of federal intervention in times of crisis. It’s a shame that President Biden doesn’t share the same sense of urgency.

The people of East Palestine are still grappling with the devastating aftermath of the train derailment. Hazardous chemicals, such as vinyl chloride and hydrogen chloride, have contaminated the surrounding soil and waterways, posing significant health and environmental risks. The decision to let the chemicals burn off was an egregious error in judgment, resulting in a toxic cloud visible even from outer space.

The mishandling of this disaster raises questions about the competence of the Biden administration. Their lack of swift action and failure to prioritize the safety and well-being of American citizens is concerning. It’s crucial that President Biden takes responsibility for his inaction and commits to addressing the ongoing issues faced by the people of East Palestine. They deserve a leader who will put their needs first, not one who focuses on international travels and neglects the pressing concerns closer to home.

Written by Staff Reports

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