Sununu Slams Trump GOP as ‘Negative Brand’, Is he right?

Chris Sununu, a Republican from New Hampshire, blamed Donald Trump for the party's disappointing performance in the recent elections during an interview on Meet The Press. He noted that the former president's divisive and negative brand has become a part of the Republican Party.

According to Sununu, many school board members from the Republican Party lost their seats due to their association with the Trump brand. He noted that this negative image of the former president has affected the results of various elections, including those in Congress and state governments.

A recent analysis revealed that the Democratic Party performed better than its partisan lean in the special elections, which led to significant victories in conservative areas.

Sununu urged presidential candidates of the Republican Party to take a harder stance against Trump, saying that they should distance themselves from him to appeal to a broader audience.

The comments made by Sununu have a significant impact on the presidential race as New Hampshire holds the nation's first primary election next year. After that, the Iowa Caucus will be held. It is important for the Republican candidates to adopt a more moderate stance against Trump in order to appeal to voters in these early voting states.

Sununu's statements reflect the growing number of people within the Republican Party who believe that the party should distance itself from the Trump brand. It is clear that the former president's negative image has become a part of the party's identity and that candidates need to change their approach if they want to attract more voters. The Republican Party has an opportunity to redefine itself by offering a more inclusive message.

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