Hamas’ Disturbing Games in Hospitals! The Horrific Truth Unveiled!

In the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel, Hamas continues to use hospitals as part of their terrorist activities. This includes using hospitals to store weapons, launching attacks from hospitals, and even building command centers beneath them. It is a clear violation of international law, as hospitals are meant to be safe havens for medical care and should not be used for military purposes.

Despite these actions, there are still people who sympathize with Hamas and spread anti-Semitic narratives against Israel. The Foundation for Defense of Democracies has debunked these false narratives and exposed the true horror of Hamas terrorism. They have provided a list of “10 Things to Know About Hamas and Hospitals” to set the record straight.

One of the key points highlighted by the FDD is how Hamas uses hospitals as shields, which is prohibited by the Geneva Conventions. They store weapons and launch attacks from hospitals, putting innocent lives at risk. The Shifa hospital, the largest in Gaza, has even been turned into a command center by Hamas, with their headquarters located in the burn ward. Hamas has also used the hospital courtyard as a backdrop for propaganda interviews with wounded patients.

This use of hospitals for military activities is not new for Hamas. In the 2014 war against Israel, they transformed the Al-Wafa hospital into an operations center and launched rockets from its premises. By doing so, Hamas aims to use hospitals for propaganda and to portray themselves as victims while making Israel look like the aggressor.

In addition to using hospitals for military purposes, Hamas also commits human rights abuses within these facilities. They have executed rivals, interrogated and tortured people, and turned hospital departments into prisons. It is clear that Hamas does not care about the well-being of Gaza’s residents and only operates to perpetrate terror against Israel.

It is important to understand the truth about Hamas and their use of hospitals. Blaming Israel for the poor conditions in Gaza only helps Hamas avoid responsibility for their actions. It is time to hold Hamas accountable for their egregious violations of international law and their disregard for the lives of innocent people.

Written by Staff Reports

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