Tax Credits or Ghost Stories? Majority of America Clueless on Biden’s Tax Plan!

President Joe Biden’s efforts to promote electric vehicles and his electric vehicle tax credits program may not be reaching as many Americans as he had hoped, according to a new poll by BlueLabs Analytics. The poll, released on Monday, reveals that about 40% of Americans know “nothing at all” about Biden’s electric vehicle tax credit program. Surprisingly, this lack of awareness seems to cut across party lines, with 40% of Democrats, 39% of Republicans, and 47% of Independents admitting that they know “nothing at all” about the incentive.

Biden’s electric vehicle tax credit program, which is part of the Inflation Reduction Act that he signed into law in 2022, offers a $7,500 tax credit for electric vehicle buyers. However, the poll shows that only 22% of Americans have heard “a great deal” or “a good amount” about the program. This suggests that the president’s efforts to promote electric vehicles and his tax credits are not reaching a wide audience.

Despite Biden’s continuous efforts to promote electric vehicles and his tax credit, including driving electric cars and giving speeches about the benefits of electric vehicles, many Americans remain unaware of the program. In a tweet, Biden said, “On my watch, the great American road trip is going to be fully electrified,” but it seems that a significant number of Americans are not yet on board with this vision. The poll also found that 39% of Americans would not purchase an electric vehicle, while only 10% said they would.

Overall, these poll results suggest that Biden’s efforts to promote electric vehicles and his tax credit program may need more visibility and outreach to effectively reach the American people. As the president continues to push for a transition to electric vehicles, he will likely need to find new ways to engage and educate the public about the benefits of going electric.

Written by Staff Reports

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