Harris Claims Bold Results, Blames Shy PR for Low Scores

Vice President Kamala Harris recently suggested that if she and President Joe Biden took more credit for their administration’s accomplishments, their approval ratings would skyrocket. In an interview with Katie Couric on Next Question, Harris expressed her belief that Americans want leaders who can “actually get things done,” emphasizing that the administration has achieved a great deal but hasn’t received the recognition it deserves.

Despite historic low approval ratings for both Biden and Harris, the vice president downplayed the significance of popularity polls, asserting that she doesn’t put much stock in them. She confidently stated that the administration needs to earn the reelect, suggesting that the focus should be on delivering results rather than obsessing over approval ratings.

Harris acknowledged the need for better communication about the administration’s achievements, citing the CHIPS Act, Bipartisan Infrastructure Act, low unemployment rates, student debt relief, capping insulin, and the boost in the stock market as examples. In response to concerns about Biden’s declining support among young voters, Harris outlined plans to engage with this demographic, including a nationwide college tour to connect with Generation Z and address their concerns.

Overall, Vice President Harris emphasized the importance of connecting with voters and ensuring that their voices are heard. She highlighted the challenges faced by young Americans, such as the climate crisis and reproductive rights, and expressed a commitment to engaging with diverse communities across the country.

Harris’s statements reflect a focus on delivering tangible results for the American people and connecting with key demographics, while downplaying the significance of approval ratings in the current political climate.

Written by Staff Reports

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