Harris Eyes Top Spot as Biden Stumbles, Dems Sit on $331M War Chest

Vice President Kamala Harris is jumping on the opportunity to muscle her way to the top of the Democratic Party after President Joe Biden’s less-than-stellar debate performance. With Biden fumbling on live television, Harris sees herself as the knight in shining armor ready to rescue the sinking ship. But the real story here is the pile of cash these Democrats are sitting on—$91 million from their campaign and a whopping $240 million when combined with allied Democratic groups.

Now, Democrats might consider using that mountain of money to prop up Harris if Biden decides he’s had enough of this whole presidential gig. According to legal bigwigs like Kenneth Gross, the funds, which are registered under both Biden and Harris’s names, could seamlessly slide Harris’s way without needing a magic wand. However, it’s not all smooth sailing—donors don’t necessarily have an express ticket to refunds if they’re not happy with the switch.

Donors might feel duped, but as Bradley A. Smith points out, once that cash hits the campaign coffers, it’s pretty much a done deal. Forget lawsuits or trying to play Operation with campaign dollars. The rules say the campaign gets to juggle those funds within legal limits, but refund requests are mostly wishful thinking.

Now let’s talk about the complex spaghetti of campaign finance regulations. If Biden calls it quits, Harris can likely absorb the funds and keep on trucking. However, if both Biden and Harris decide to take a political siesta, the campaign could turn into a Super PAC, funneling its stash into independent expenditures. This isn’t as effective as candidate-directed spending, but hey, when life gives you lemons, right?

Political minds also highlight another set of hurdles. If these campaign dollars are redirected into a political action committee (PAC), the infusion to any new candidate would be limited to $3,300 per election, thanks to rules championed by reform advocates like Saurav Ghosh. Essentially, this means Biden can’t just hand over the millions like a game show host passing out oversized checks.

Harris might have the keys to the cash vault if Biden steps down, but there’s still plenty of red tape to navigate. Democrats could also choose to send the funds downballot to other candidates, or even hoard it for future political battles. In true grandiose fashion, there’s also talk of the Joe Biden Center at the University of Delaware. How fitting for a party obsessed with putting up monuments to their own grandeur.

Written by Staff Reports

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