Trump Mocks Biden Reelection Hopes During Golf Cart Ride

In a mid-week spectacle, a video emerged showing former President Donald Trump having a bit of fun at President Joe Biden’s expense, cleverly skewering Biden’s unlikely hopes for reelection. The footage, picked up by the left-leaning Daily Beast, captures Trump’s usual, razor-sharp sarcasm as he dismisses Biden as a “broken-down pile of crap” while taking a leisurely spin on a golf cart.

As Trump meanders in his cart, nonchalantly engaging with an off-camera audience, his towering son Barron makes an appearance. Trump manages to inject some light humor as he brings up last week’s presidential debate, casually asking how he fared “the other night,” as if the whole debacle was just another episode of reality TV.

Not stopping there, Trump predictably speculates that Biden is on the verge of throwing in the towel. His conclusion? If Biden quits, the nation will have Kamala Harris at the helm. Trump doesn’t hold back, first suggesting Harris might be an improvement, then spinning on a dime to call her “so bad” and “so pathetic,” reinforcing the notion that the current Democratic leadership is nothing short of a comedy of errors.

Adding a bit of international flavor, Trump humorously casts doubt on Biden’s ability to handle heavy-hitters like Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping. The former president’s nonchalant demeanor and digs serve as a reminder to his supporters that the current administration is far from competent.

This video leak, no doubt, will add fuel to an already fiery political debate and leave many wondering just how long Biden can keep up the charade of seeking reelection. The Washington Examiner reportedly reached out to both Trump and Biden’s camps for comment, but the video speaks volumes all on its own.

Written by Staff Reports

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