NBC Reporter Scolds Newsmax for Humorous Biden Remark

Well, it looks like another day, another melodrama in the White House press briefing room. This time, NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell took it upon herself to channel her inner schoolmarm and scold Newsmax reporter James Rosen. During Wednesday’s briefing, Rosen dared to make a light-hearted remark about President Joe Biden’s well-documented napping tendencies, essentially tossing a slow pitch that even Democrats should expect by now.

Rosen’s quip, “If he’s awake,” set off alarms, prompting O’Donnell to leap into full scold-mode, deeming the comment “inappropriate.” Apparently, a bit of humor is too much to handle in the buttoned-down halls of the White House press corps. It didn’t take long for White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to jump on the piety bandwagon, chiming in with her own disapproval and offering effusive praise for O’Donnell. It seems defending Biden from jokes is now an Olympic-level event.

The context of Rosen’s quip provides even more clarity. Just the day before in Virginia, Biden himself joked about almost falling asleep during a campaign fundraiser. His excuse? Jetlag from globe-trotting a full eleven days prior. When the Commander-in-Chief admits to feeling drowsy on stage, it seems only fair game for the press to have a chuckle. But, not in this White House; humor is off the table, especially if it involves questioning the president’s alertness.

None of this, of course, addresses the growing chorus of concerns about Biden’s cognitive abilities. After his lackluster performance during the first presidential debate against Donald Trump, many Democrats are starting to sweat bullets. Biden’s speech was peppered with memory lapses and sentences that wandered off like a GPS-less road trip. Democratic strategists are now openly questioning his ability to lead the party to victory in November.

The White House continues to rebuff these concerns, despite increasing calls for Biden to undergo cognitive testing. They insist he’s still fit for office, even though the president’s own party members aren’t so sure. But heaven forbid a reporter makes a joke about it—especially if it happens to hit a little too close to home.

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