Second House Democrat Urges Biden to Withdraw From 2024 Race

A second House Democrat has joined in on asking President Joe Biden to step aside from the 2024 Democratic primary race, citing concerns about his mental sharpness. Arizona Rep. Raúl Grijalva, a Democrat, expressed his willingness to support Biden if chosen as the nominee but suggested that it might be wise for the party to explore other options.

This call for Biden to withdraw from the primary comes on the heels of Texas Democratic Rep. Lloyd Doggett’s similar stance, who emphasized the high stakes involved in ensuring that former President Donald Trump does not reclaim the presidency. Grijalva’s sentiments echo those of Doggett, urging Biden to bear the responsibility of stepping down to secure a Democratic victory.

The push for Biden to exit the race gains momentum as assessments of his recent debate performance raise concerns among Democratic insiders, with some labeling it as “disastrous.” Additionally, polling data indicates that Trump would currently outperform Biden in the election, leading a majority of voters to believe that the Democratic Party stands a better chance against Trump with a different nominee.

The growing unease within Democratic ranks about Biden’s candidacy reflects a broader strategic concern about securing victory in the upcoming election. As calls for Biden to bow out intensify, the party faces a critical decision in determining the most viable path forward to ensure success in the 2024 race.

Written by Staff Reports

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