Harris Roasted for Gas Stove Gaffe in Awkward Thanksgiving Fail

As expected, Vice President Kamala Harris made another relatable blunder in her attempt to wish Americans a “happy Thanksgiving” with her strange photo and message on X, formerly known as Twitter. In the photo, she’s awkwardly holding Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff’s head, trying to appear endearing, but what’s more notable is the gas stove visible in the background. You know, the same gas stoves that Democrats have been warning Americans about due to the so-called “climate crisis” and the push for a “clean energy transition.”

It’s quite hypocritical of the Biden administration to preach about the dangers of gas stoves while their own VP proudly displays one in her Thanksgiving photo. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. previously called gas stoves a “hidden hazard,” and even hinted at the possibility of banning them. Yet here we have Vice President Harris happily posing in front of one, seemingly unconcerned about the supposed danger it poses.

This is just another example of the Biden-Harris administration’s “do as I say, not as I do” attitude. While they continue to push for drastic lifestyle changes to combat the so-called climate crisis, they themselves seem more than happy to carry on as usual. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s summer electric vehicle road trip, which required the use of gasoline-powered cars, is just another reminder of their hypocrisy.

It’s clear that the Biden administration and their Democratic cohorts are comfortable making rules for the American people that they have no intention of following themselves. They seem content to live their lives as they please, while demanding that Americans drastically alter theirs. It’s just another case of the elite telling ordinary citizens how to live while refusing to abide by the same standards they set.

Written by Staff Reports

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