Hillary Clinton’s Meltdown: Accused of Igniting WW3 with Biden! Watch Now

Hillary Clinton got into a major shouting match with a heckler at Columbia University on Monday. The heckler called out Joe Biden for his “idiotic” war-mongering and criticized the call to bundle aid to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan. Clinton didn’t back down from the confrontation but also didn’t denounce Biden’s actions. She told the heckler to sit down, but the situation just got worse.

The heckler questioned Biden’s plan to give $100 billion in funding to Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine and accused it of pushing the world closer to World War 3. Clinton, of course, didn’t like that and interrupted the heckler, arguing that it wasn’t free speech. She eventually demanded that the heckler be removed from the auditorium.

This incident comes after Joe Biden’s speech last week where he tried to rally support for the wars in Israel and Ukraine. He plans to ask for another $100 billion in aid for these nations. Biden even compared Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Hamas terrorist organization, claiming they both want to “completely annihilate a neighboring democracy.”

It’s clear that Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are more interested in supporting foreign wars than focusing on the needs of the American people. Their actions show a disregard for the true priorities of our nation. It’s time for conservatives to stand up against this warmongering agenda and prioritize the needs of our own citizens.

Written by Staff Reports

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