Israel Exposes Hamas’ Gruesome Acts to Global Media: A Must Watch!

This article is a shocking and disturbing account of the atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists against the Israeli people. It serves as a stark reminder of the virulent anti-Israel propaganda machine that seeks to justify and celebrate the killing of Jews. Even more appalling is the new tactic of Holocaust denial-style questioning, where some individuals have gone so far as to deny the horrors of the Holocaust.

The Israeli forensic pathologists who examined the victims were visibly disturbed by the evidence before them, breaking down into tears throughout the day. The images they showed during their press conference were horrifying, including charred hands with marks revealing that the victims had been bound before being burned alive. One particularly disturbing image was a completely charred mass of flesh, only recognizable as human after a CT scan.

Contrary to the lies propagated by Hamas apologists, the violent sexual assaults were also horrifyingly real. Hamas filmed these subhuman atrocities and Israel simply showed the world the terrorists’ own footage. It is sickening that there are those who defend, minimize, or even cheer for such despicable acts.

One journalist from a left-wing publication was forced to backtrack on his initial characterization of the evidence, admitting that the fact that babies were found headless lends credibility to claims of beheading. The anti-Israel fanatics, however, refuse to believe such atrocities were committed by Hamas.

While one side in the conflict over truth denies or casts doubt on the beheadings and rapes, and falsely accuses Israel of bombing a hospital, the other side has told the truth. This truth is evident in the large rallies held by supporters of Israel, demanding the safe return of hostages stolen by terrorists, and thanking law enforcement for their protection. In contrast, the terrorist side holds rallies featuring scenes and rhetoric that speak for themselves.

The willingness of Hamas to sacrifice their own people for their cause is deeply troubling. They hide behind their lie of being freedom fighters, while they put their own civilians in harm’s way and then parade their corpses for the cameras. This interview with a Hamas member reveals their callous disregard for human life and their desire to secure the release of jihadists from Israeli jails.

It is clear that the terrorist group Hamas is not only attempting to kill as many Israeli civilians as possible, but they are also willing to sacrifice the lives of Gazans for their twisted cause. As the world watches this conflict unfold, it is crucial to remember the truth and not fall for the lies and propaganda spread by those who support Hamas.

Written by Staff Reports

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