Hillary’s Shocking Call: ‘Deprogramming’ MAGA Supporters Essential!

In a recent appearance on CNN’s “Primetime,” two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton launched a vicious attack on Trump supporters, calling for the “formal deprogramming” of what she refers to as MAGA “cult members.” Clinton went on to assert that “extreme measures” are needed to prevent Trump from retaking the White House.

Clinton began her tirade by acknowledging that there are Republicans who voted with Democrats to keep the government open, suggesting that there is a sensible faction within the Republican caucus in the House. However, she quickly dismissed these individuals as being intimidated, claiming that they say and do things they know better than to say or do.

According to Clinton, defeating the “extremists” and those who promote them is necessary to find common ground and restore the ability for people to work together. She lamented the current state of the Republican Party, describing it as being controlled by a “tail of extremism,” with Trump at the helm.

Unsurprisingly, Clinton took multiple swipes at Trump, questioning his credibility and accusing him of being solely self-interested. She even suggested that Trump’s supporters need to undergo a “formal deprogramming” to break free from the “cult” of MAGA. Clinton concluded by stating her belief that Biden and Harris deserve to be reelected.

These comments from Clinton come as Trump faces a multitude of legal challenges, including felony counts related to hush money payments and alleged election interference. Clinton, always quick to criticize Trump, referred to his recent Georgia indictment as proof that the judicial system is working and justice is being pursued.

In typical Clinton fashion, she also resurrected the narrative of Russian interference, claiming that there is no doubt that Putin interfered in the 2016 election and has continued to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.

Overall, Clinton’s comments are nothing more than a desperate attempt to further vilify Trump and his supporters, painting them as extremists who need to be reprogrammed. Her rhetoric only serves to further polarize an already divided nation and undermine any chance of finding common ground.

Written by Staff Reports

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