Homan’s Epic Promise: Biggest Deportation Op in World Under Trump 2.0

In a riveting interview with Brian Kilmeade on Jesse Watters Primetime Friday, Thomas Homan, the former Acting Director of ICE under the great President Donald J. Trump, made a bold proclamation. Homan vowed that not only would he return under a second Trump administration, but he would lead what can only be described as the “biggest deportation operation the world has ever seen.” Now, that’s a man with some serious ambition!

During the interview, Kilmeade, ever the voice of reason, questioned the baffling inaction of President Joe Biden when it comes to dealing with South and Central American leaders. Kilmeade just couldn’t wrap his head around why Biden wasn’t doing what’s best for our country. It’s a question we all want an answer to, isn’t it?

Homan wasted no time in exposing the truth. According to him, Biden doesn’t want to solve the immigration problem. Shocking, but not surprising, coming from a president who seems to have a soft spot for open borders. Homan even reminded us of President Trump’s tough stance on immigration, how he threatened to pull international aid from Central America if they didn’t sign agreements to help control the border. That’s real leadership.

But of course, Biden hasn’t done a single thing to slow down the flow of illegal immigration. Not one thing! Talk about dropping the ball. It’s crystal clear that Biden and his team don’t want to fix this problem. Maybe they’re too busy endorsing out-of-control spending and socialist policies to pay attention to the chaos at the border.

And if that wasn’t enough, Homan also shed some light on something truly terrifying – the influx of Chinese illegal immigrants flooding our border. Apparently, they’re using countries like Ecuador as a gateway to gain entry into the United States. And it’s not just a few individuals here and there, we’re talking about thousands of Chinese nationals, most of them military-aged males, pouring into our country. That’s enough to make anyone lose sleep at night.

Homan passionately expressed his concern, labeling this situation as the “biggest National Security failure” since 9/11. Strong words, but completely warranted. He stressed the need for accountability, not just from Mexico but also from China. After all, China is not our friend, and they’re even supplying the criminal cartels in Mexico with deadly drugs like Fentanyl. It’s about time someone calls them out on it.

When Kilmeade asked Homan if he would return to his position under a second Trump administration, there was no hesitation. Homan made a promise to President Trump, and he intends to keep it. He boldly declared that he would lead the biggest deportation operation ever seen, tackling the millions of illegal immigrants released into our country. And rightfully so! The immigration court data shows that the majority of these individuals should have been ordered for removal. It’s time to hold them accountable and uphold the rule of law.

In a time when our borders are being overrun and our national security is at risk, it’s refreshing to see someone like Thomas Homan who is willing to take charge and fight for the safety and sovereignty of our great nation. We need more leaders like him who are unafraid to speak the truth, even when it’s uncomfortable. Let’s hope for a Trump comeback and a return of strong immigration policies that prioritize the American people. It’s long overdue.

Written by Staff Reports

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