Sanders Drops Bomb: Unveils Surprise GOP Primary Endorsement!

In an exciting turn of events, Republican Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has decided to throw her support behind former President Donald Trump’s potential 2024 election bid. Sanders, who previously served as Trump’s White House press secretary from 2017 to 2019, will make the official endorsement on Wednesday, according to NBC News.

Sanders believes that the country was more “prosperous” under Trump’s leadership and is eager to see a return to the “normal policies” of the Trump era. She argues that the current political climate is no longer about right versus left but rather about normal versus crazy. In her eyes, President Biden and the left are doubling down on crazy, leaving no choice but to endorse Trump for president.

Unsurprisingly, Trump’s campaign is celebrating this endorsement, noting in a news release that Sanders has chosen to support him over Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Asa Hutchinson, her predecessor in the Arkansas governor’s mansion.

Hutchinson, who is currently polling at 0 percent in the Republican 2024 primary, has not given any indication that he plans to drop out of the race. However, he will not be present at the upcoming GOP debates hosted by NBC News. Trump is also skipping the debate and instead, holding a rally near Miami where Sanders will reportedly endorse him.

Interestingly, there are some within Trump’s inner circle who are questioning why Sanders waited until now to offer her support. According to sources close to the former president, there has been irritation over her delay in endorsing. It remains to be seen whether Trump will view her the same way moving forward.

In response to Sanders’ endorsement, Trump expressed his pride in having her support. He looks forward to her presence at a rally in Hialeah this Wednesday, where he plans to continue his campaign.

Sanders’ endorsement comes on the heels of Republican Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds endorsing DeSantis at a rally in the state on Monday. Reynolds praised DeSantis for his moral conviction and ability to deliver on his promises. In response, DeSantis thanked Reynolds for her endorsement and expressed gratitude for her belief in his leadership.

As the 2024 election continues to take shape, it’s clear that the Republican field is heating up with endorsements from prominent Republican figures. All eyes will be on how these endorsements shape the race moving forward.

Written by Staff Reports

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