House Rejects Johnson’s Revised Border Bill Amid Foreign Aid Debate

The House REJECTED Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R-LA) revised version of the border bill, which was a move to pacify some conservative folks who weren’t too happy about his foreign aid plan for Ukraine and Israel. It’s like when your mom offers you broccoli to make you forget she didn’t let you have dessert.

The lawmakers were like, “Nah, we’re not having it,” with a vote of 215-199. They didn’t hit the two-thirds majority needed to make it fly. Only five Democrats teamed up with all the Republicans to back the border bill. You can practically hear the crickets chirping from the other side of the aisle.

Johnson threw together this new border bill to calm down the folks who were miffed that his foreign aid idea didn’t tackle the mess at the U.S. southern border. But it looks like a big “nope” since the House is all set to vote on that foreign aid stuff, and Johnson’s border plan didn’t even make the cut.

This new border bill, called the End the Border Catastrophe Act, is like a diet version of a bill that passed the House last year. It wants to limit how many immigrants can come in for asylum and bring back some of the immigration moves from the Trump days that got tossed out when President Joe Biden took the wheel.

But it’s skinnier compared to the original bill, and that’s made some hardliners see red. They’re saying Johnson’s just using this plan to make them forget about giving him the boot from his top honcho spot.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) called it a “shiny object” to distract Republicans worried about the border. You can almost see Johnson juggling shiny, distracting objects in front of them like, “Look over here! Don’t look at that foreign aid thing!”

And now, Johnson’s got another problem on his hands. Greene’s waving around a motion to give him the ol’ heave-ho from his job. She’s not saying what’ll make her push the button, but she keeps hinting that it’s got something to do with what Johnson does about Ukraine aid.

But Johnson’s all, “I’m doing what’s right, and whatever happens, happens.” He’s not losing sleep over Greene’s motion. He’s like, “I’ve got a job to do, and that’s that.” It’s like he’s saying, “I’m the captain of this ship, and I’m not letting the crew scare me with mutiny talk.”

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