Hunter Biden Caught in China Cash Lie, “Big Guy” Sweating!

Hunter Biden’s credibility takes yet another hit as it becomes clear that he lied about receiving money from his Chinese business partner. In a 2019 interview, Hunter confidently denied ever getting “one cent” from the Chinese businessman, Jonathan Li. However, recent revelations from Republicans prove otherwise.

House Republicans pointed out the inconsistency in Hunter’s statement, bringing attention to the $250,000 wire transfer made by Li to Joe Biden’s house. It begs the question, if Hunter didn’t profit from his deal with Li, then who did? House Republicans suggest that the infamous “Big Guy” might be involved.

Newly discovered bank records further substantiate the claim that Hunter did indeed receive money from BHR associates, including Li. A total of $260,000 was wired to Joe Biden’s residence in Wilmington, Delaware. Hunter’s lawyer tries to brush this off as a loan, with Hunter using his stake in BHR as collateral. But the real question is, where was Hunter actually living at the time?

The evidence keeps piling up against the Biden family. Hunter introduced Li to his father, Joe Biden, back in 2013. This connection resulted in Joe Biden writing letters of recommendation for Li, whose company, BHR, enjoys substantial government support in China. This cozy relationship raises eyebrows.

Let us not forget the infamous China deal that Hunter pursued, which reeled in millions for the Biden family. It’s no wonder he was referred to as “the big guy” in relation to this deal. And then there’s the Ukraine scandal, where Joe Biden’s involvement in firing a prosecutor investigating a company that paid Hunter a lavish salary raises serious questions.

Yet, the White House and its allies in the media and the Democratic Party continue to turn a blind eye to mounting evidence of Joe Biden’s deep involvement in his son’s financial affairs. It is baffling how they can ignore Hunter’s desperate text pleading for financial assistance from his father.

This latest revelation of Hunter’s “not one cent” lie only adds to the evidence of the blatant dishonesty and corruption that runs in the Biden family. It’s becoming increasingly clear that they cannot be trusted. Americans deserve transparency and honesty from their leaders, not a web of deceit. Let’s hope the truth prevails in the face of such brazen dishonesty.

Written by Staff Reports

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