Hunter Biden Faces Contempt: No More Games

Get ready folks, because it looks like the House is gearing up to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress! That’s right, the son of our dear President Biden is about to face the consequences of his actions. And let’s be honest, it’s about time.

Now, Hunter recently made an offer to undergo a closed-door deposition, but the House wasn’t having any of it. Committee chairmen James Comer and Jim Jordan saw right through Hunter’s attempts to manipulate the situation. They know that he’s been playing games and using public relations tactics to avoid accountability for far too long.


You see, Hunter’s little proposal was conditional. He wanted a reissued subpoena before he would agree to testify. But come on, who does he think he is? We can’t give special treatment to the Biden family just because they’re in the spotlight. The rules should apply to everyone, regardless of their last name.

So, the House Republicans are standing strong. They’re willing to schedule a deposition, but they won’t tolerate any more delays or tricks from Hunter Biden. And why should they? He’s already defied not one, but TWO valid subpoenas. Instead of showing up for his deposition, he decided to make a public statement on the U.S. Capitol grounds, conveniently avoiding any pesky questions.

But here’s the kicker: Hunter is claiming that the previous subpoenas were invalid because they were issued before the impeachment inquiry began. Can you believe the audacity? The House investigators aren’t buying it, and neither should we. They started this inquiry to shed light on the financial transactions involving the Biden family, including payments from foreign business ventures. Hunter can’t just wiggle his way out of it by playing legal games.

So, mark your calendars folks, because the vote to hold Hunter Biden in contempt is set for the week of January 15. It’s about time that he faces the consequences of his actions and answers for his role in all of this. We can’t let the Biden family escape accountability any longer. The truth must come out, and justice must be served.

Written by Staff Reports

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