Hunter Biden, Facing Imminent Incarceration, Writes a Heartfelt Letter of Appeal

Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden, sent a legal hold letter to various individuals, including former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Tony Bobulinski, to try and save the "Laptop from Hell" files. Some people criticized the move as a way to change the negative image of the Biden family.

In the letter, Hunter Biden asked the individuals to keep a close eye on the possible evidence related to the theft of his data.

Some of the individuals who received the legal hold letter included Roger Stone, a computer repairman, and Robert Costello, a lawyer. Also, Garrett Ziegle, who worked for Donald Trump's former assistant, and Rudolph Giuliani, who is an attorney for the president, were ordered to retain the data.

The legal hold letter was sent to 14 recipients. Some of them include Robert Costello, a lawyer, and Roger Stone, a computer repair man.

The letter stated that Hunter Biden had made various claims and admitted to participating in actions that were reported in the media. As a result, the documents and records related to him should be preserved and kept as part of a legal hold.

According to a statement released by Hunter's legal team, he is trying to protect his family from the numerous attacks that have been carried out against them due to their business activities in various countries, such as Russia, China, and Ukraine. The statement noted that they are going all the way back in 2008 to document the attacks.

Mike Davis, the founder of the pro-President Donald Trump Article III Project, called the letter a desperate attempt to delay the filing of a lawsuit against the Biden family. He noted that it would only serve to harm the family's legal situation since the lawsuit would involve Hunter's deposition.

He referred to the letter as an attempt to muzzle political opponents of Joe Biden. It would do nothing but harm the family and the president.

According to Davis, the discovery that will include Hunter Biden's deposition will be "manna from heaven." He also hoped that Biden would be dumb enough to file a lawsuit against the Trump administration.

The controversial letter was sent at a time that Hunter is trying to influence the public's perception of his powerful lawyers. According to experts, he is spending up to $100,000 a month on his legal defense. He is reportedly considering establishing a fund that would allow his supporters to contribute to his defense. However, it is not clear who the donors are.

His expensive lawyers have also been sending threatening letters. The officials of the US Justice Department and the Delaware Attorney General's Office have also requested an investigation into Hunter's alleged use of a computer program known as "Laptop from Hell."

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