Hunter Biden Seeks New Trial in Gun Case Citing Court Jurisdiction Issues

In a move that’s raising eyebrows, Hunter Biden’s legal team has made a bold play for a new trial in his federal gun case. After initially filing a motion for a new trial and then mysteriously withdrawing it, they’ve now gone ahead and refiled, citing a curious reason – lack of jurisdiction by the court.

Biden’s lawyers are arguing that because the Third Circuit Court of Appeals hadn’t issued a formal mandate following the dismissal of his appeals, the lower court didn’t have the authority to try the case. It’s a legal dance that has some scratching their heads, especially considering the appellate court’s reasons for dismissing the appeals in the first place.

The Third Circuit had thrown out Biden’s appeals due to lack of appellate jurisdiction, essentially saying the lower court’s rulings weren’t final and appealable yet. So, it’s a bit of a head-scratcher how Biden’s team thinks they can argue lack of jurisdiction for the trial court while the appeal court itself couldn’t hear the case.

It’s shaping up to be an interesting legal battle, with many wondering if Biden’s strategy will actually work out in his favor. Only time will tell if this risky move will pay off for the embattled son of the former vice president.

Written by Staff Reports

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