Biden’s Hollow Rhetoric: Denounces Antisemitism But Fails to Act, Jewish Communities Left Vulnerable

Joe Biden shuffling to the podium to denounce the “pro-Palestinian” mob outside Adas Torah synagogue in Los Angeles is about as effective as a screen door on a submarine. The President, known for his tendency to overpromise and underdeliver, utters disapproval and checks a box. And that’s the Biden special – lots of talk, no action.

It’s ironic the same administration that immediately gets its back up for every perceived microaggression can barely muster more than a finger-wagging when it comes to blatant, real-world antisemitism. The liberal elite continues to excel in the art of performative outrage, standing firmly on their soapbox to condemn anti-Semitic attacks while their feet remain glued firmly to the ground when action is needed.

One can almost hear the sighs of resignation from those hoping for concrete steps to protect Jewish communities. Instead, they get a predictable rhythm: rhetoric, forgetfulness, repeat. Biden’s Administration seems more focused on coddling the progressive wing of his party, which often sympathizes with the very groups leading these anti-Semitic incursions.

The response, or lack thereof, starkly contrasts how this administration reacts to the groups they find politically advantageous to support. One can’t help but wonder if the reaction would be different if it were another minority group under attack. The Biden team is selective with their outrage and responsive efforts, ensuring they only flex their so-called moral surplus when it’s politically expedient.

Meanwhile, violence against Jewish institutions continues, buoyed by weak condemnations and the knowledge that actual repercussions are nonexistent. Biden’s disapproving words are as empty as the promises made during his campaign, leaving one to question if the synagogue under siege can expect anything more than a fleeting mention in a speech and the dust of inaction settling over their concerns once again.

Written by Staff Reports

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