North Korea Slams Hunter Biden Trial as a Farce Calls Joe Biden a Hypocrite on Gun Control

North Korea’s state-run Rodong Sinmun criticized Hunter Biden’s trial as a “farce” that reflects poorly on President Joe Biden and his gun control agenda. The editorial highlighted the irony of Biden advocating for stricter gun laws while his son faced charges related to illegal gun purchases.

The North Korean propagandists accused Biden of insulting gun violence victims by pushing for more regulations while his family member tried to skirt existing laws. They condemned Biden as a hypocrite for not cracking down on gun crime and allowing a “gun culture” to persist among his relatives.

Rodong Sinmun went on to suggest that the United States is plagued by gun-related violence, portraying American society as a “veritable hell and the world’s biggest tundra of human rights.” The editorialists argued that arming citizens could serve as a defense against government deception and control.

The North Korean regime’s criticism of Biden echoes similar attacks from Chinese Communist Party officials, who challenge Western notions of human rights. By focusing on Hunter Biden’s legal troubles, Pyongyang attempts to deflect attention from its own human rights abuses and authoritarian practices.

North Korea’s history of using colorful rhetoric to denigrate U.S. leaders is well-documented, with past insults hurled at former President Trump as well. The regime’s harsh language towards Biden reflects a pattern of attacking American politicians they perceive as hostile to their interests.

Despite the provocative language used by North Korean state media, the Biden administration has not engaged in similar personal attacks against Kim Jong-un or his inner circle. The ongoing tensions between the two countries continue to be fueled by North Korea’s provocative actions and hostile rhetoric.

Written by Staff Reports

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