Biden’s Chaos and Stagnation: Nobel Economists Hype Trump Inflation Fear

This election season lacks any pandemic cover, but Joe Biden’s scant list of so-called achievements has managed to plunge America into economic stagnation at home and utter chaos abroad. In a move that defies primary strategic thought, Biden hightailed it out of Afghanistan only to get sucked into another prolonged conflict, this time courtesy of Ukraine’s unapologetically self-serving president. Adding to the head-scratching moments, Biden sends mixed signals on supporting Israel’s efforts in Gaza while simultaneously halting arms shipments to appease the more antisemitic elements of his party’s voter base. So, what’s the liberal media’s latest desperate ploy to boost this geriatric bungler? Axios warns inflation will skyrocket if former President Trump returns to the White House.

Enter stage left: Sixteen Nobel Prize-winning economists, flexing their academic muscle, caution that a second Trump term would reignite inflation and wreak havoc on the global economy. This alarming projection dovetails perfectly with the Biden administration’s narrative that Trump would worsen America’s inflation problem.

Let’s break it down: Since the summer of 2022, Democrats have been floundering to manage the economic fallout, offering hollow explanations and launching expensive media campaigns. Their latest tack was to temporarily champion “Bidenomics,” a seldom-used term that never really stuck. Despite their best attempts, the numbers don’t lie, and the everyday lives of Americans aren’t improving.

Driving the nonsense, the economists argue that Biden’s future-looking plans are vastly superior to Trump’s. They opine that another Trump presidency would diminish the U.S. economy’s global standing and destabilize domestic markets. They point out, ironically, that Americans are rightly worried about runaway inflation, conveniently glossing over the fact that such concerns have been exacerbated under Biden’s leadership.

Here’s the kicker: The real comedic gold is in the notion that inflation under Biden is already too high, straining American working families to their limits. Even with manipulated job figures skewed to favor Biden, it’s clear that everyone’s wallet is burning. Biden’s job creation largely hinges on part-time positions, often filled by foreign workers, sidelining American citizens.

Contrast this with the Trump years, when companies were flush enough to hand out bonuses and repatriate billions of dollars. Trump’s corporate tax reforms fueled historic levels of consumer and business confidence. The Nobel laureates here are doing nothing but confirming their lack of practical understanding, much to everyone’s amusement.

This scenario resembles COVID-era expert opinions—words Americans have learned to take with a grain of salt, especially when they come from elites more concerned with maintaining their relevance than solving real problems. They shout about an imminent “inflation bomb,” ignoring that we’ve been living amidst the fallout long before they rang the alarm bells.

Yet again, Democrats attempt to gaslight the American public, urging them to disbelieve the evidence staring back at them from their grocery receipts. The sad reality is this: the same liberals who cry that “Trump is a threat to democracy” know that they’re running out of credible fear-mongering tactics. Meanwhile, political violence continues—and the perpetrators aren’t wearing MAGA hats, but instead, they’re the same crowd that’s increasingly targeting Jewish individuals.

Written by Staff Reports

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