Hunter Biden Showdown: Will Face Oversight Grilling in December!

First son “struggler” Hunter Biden has begged to come clean and speak his mind before the House Oversight Committee poking around in his business dealings. This guy, who’s 53 but seems to have a lot of trouble playing by the rules, came up with the brilliant idea to show his face on Dec. 13 in front of the panel, which NBC News got its hands on.

House Republicans wanted him to show up earlier in the month, for a secret chit-chat behind closed doors. But Mr. Biden’s lawyer didn’t like the idea and said it smelled funny. The lawyer accused the panel of playing undercover games to twist the truth. He basically told them, “You like to make stuff up, so why not let everyone watch us set the record straight?”

As if that weren’t enough, the lawyer went on to accuse the House panel of picking on Hunter’s “real business stuff” and a rough patch with addiction just to make his dad look bad. He’s basically saying, “You guys have been trying for like forever to tie my client’s business stuff to his dad, and it’s just not nice.”

The big day is set for Dec. 12, 2023. This whole thing has turned into a big show, and now Mr. Biden’s attorney is bringing down the hammer on this “focus on this President’s family,” saying that the House panel doesn’t seem to care about old President Trump and his family businesses. It sounds like the lawyer’s saying, “You guys seem to be forgetting about the other side. What’s up with that?”

House Oversight Chairman James Comer from Kentucky isn’t happy about it one bit. He’s saying that Mr. Biden should have just obeyed the first time. Comer’s throwing some shade too, saying, “He can’t just make up his own rules to get out of it. That’s not how it works around here.” It seems like the Republicans in the House just won’t take no for an answer.

The House panel also wants to chat with President Biden’s older brother James, who’s 73. They say the brothers have been using their famous family name to seal the deal in business for years, especially in China and Ukraine. It seems like they’re making a big deal out of these “family influence games” that have been going on since President Biden was still Vice President.

The House panel says they’ve been keeping tabs on how the Bidens have been wheeling and dealing, and they’re talking about laundering money from China and some shady $200,000 payment—somehow looping it back to President Biden. They’re waving these “laundered” checks around and saying that they aren’t buying the story that these were just friendly loans between brothers.

It seems like this isn’t the last we’ll be hearing about this family’s money story. And it seems like the Republicans just aren’t ready to let this one go anytime soon.

Written by Staff Reports

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