Hunter Biden Sues Fox News Over Controversial Miniseries

Hunter Biden is at it again, this time aiming his legal crosshairs at Fox News. The president’s prodigal son decided to sue the conservative network over a 2022 miniseries aired on Fox Nation, labeled, quite appropriately, “The Trial of Hunter Biden.” Of course, in true Fox fashion, the network isn’t about to sit back and let this unfold without a fight.

Fox News didn’t just roll over on Monday. They called a spade a spade, pointing out that the series was simply a “mock trial.” The show laid out all the juicy details of Hunter’s dubious business dealings, especially those murky connections that seem to have a direct line to dear old dad. The format, featuring the entertaining Judge Joe Brown, gave viewers a taste of what a real trial could look like if Hunter ever finds himself in court.

Naturally, Hunter Biden and his legal eagles were having none of it. They claim the miniseries was about as truthful as a politician’s promise, accusing Fox Nation of using Hunter as a target for harassment, humiliation, and political point-scoring. According to them, the lawsuit also contests the use of Hunter’s image and likeness, calling it “unlawful commercial exploitation.”

Fox News remained unfazed and clapped back with a reality check of their own, calling the lawsuit a nothing-burger. The network was quick to underline that Hunter didn’t even raise an eyebrow about the miniseries until April 2024 — talk about delayed reactions. They even pulled the program off-air soon after his complaints, just to show they care, but Hunter’s a public figure who’s been under the spotlight for ages, not to mention his recent criminal record.

The self-proclaimed champions of free speech at Fox asserted their First Amendment rights, making it clear they have every right to discuss newsworthy events, especially when they are Hunter’s own making. They’re all geared up to vindicate their rights in court. Hunter Biden, after all, isn’t exactly a choir boy; he was recently found guilty on three firearms-related counts and is gearing up for another court date for tax crimes.

Hunter’s legal battle with Fox News isn’t just a personal vendetta; it’s a microcosm of the larger cultural war between conservative media and the liberal elite. While Hunter and his team cry foul, Fox News stands ready to defend its journalistic rights against what looks suspiciously like a politically motivated stunt. And if you think this circus is wrapping up anytime soon, buckle up — it’s just getting started.

Written by Staff Reports

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