Why Kamala Harris Will Never Be Presidential Material Despite Media’s Desperate Spin

Kamala Harris has never been and will never be presidential material, regardless of how much the media tries to prop her up. From her lackluster stint as California’s Attorney General to her uninspiring tenure as a U.S. Senator, the writing has always been on the wall. Even her own party doesn’t seem overly eager to see her take the reins.

The Democratic Party has been desperately promoting Harris, hoping some of that Obama-era magic will rub off on her. Spoiler alert: it hasn’t. Every time she’s put in the spotlight, her approval ratings tend to nosedive faster than a lead balloon. It’s almost as if the public can see right through the façade.

What truly baffles observers is the insistence on pushing someone who clearly isn’t ready for the top job. The “historic first” narrative has worn thin when competence is clearly lacking. Maybe it’s time the Democrats worried less about filling quotas and more about putting a capable leader in charge.

The reality is, the American people aren’t buying what Harris is selling. The endless stream of gaffes, the constant flip-flopping on key issues, and the obvious discomfort when asked tough questions all point to one inevitable conclusion: Kamala Harris just isn’t cut out for presidential leadership.

So, while the media and her supporters can continue to champion their chosen candidate, it doesn’t change the facts. No matter how much hype is manufactured, Kamala Harris is simply not presidential material, and no amount of spin is going to alter that reality.

Written by Staff Reports

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