Hunter Biden Texts Reveal Bidens’ Meeting Plans with Chinese Energy Executive

A recent release of text messages from Hunter Biden by the House Ways and Means Committee reveals him trying to arrange a meeting between his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, and the chief of a Chinese energy company, CEFC Global Strategic Holdings. The messages suggest Hunter wanted his father and uncle to meet with the Chinese businessman in New York City in December 2017. This raises concerns about potential conflicts of interest and questionable business dealings involving the Biden family. 


It is troubling to see these messages indicating Hunter Biden’s efforts to set up a meeting between his family members and a Chinese energy company executive. This raises questions about potential influence-peddling and favors being exchanged. The connections between the Biden family and foreign entities like CEFC raise red flags about transparency and accountability in government dealings.

The background of the Chinese businessman, Yadong Liu, further complicates the situation. With ties to the Chinese Foreign Ministry and a Ph.D. from Columbia University, Liu’s involvement in potential meetings with the Bidens adds another layer of concern. The mingling of political figures and foreign business interests should be closely scrutinized to ensure that no improper dealings take place.

The timeline of Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China, as highlighted by the New York Post, paints a picture of questionable engagements with Chinese government-linked entities. The use of Hunter’s father’s influence to secure business deals raises ethical questions about the Biden family’s involvement in lucrative ventures with foreign companies. Such practices undermine the integrity of public service and call into question the Biden family’s commitment to upholding ethical standards.

While these new revelations add to the mounting evidence of questionable business dealings involving the Bidens, it remains to be seen whether any significant actions will be taken to address these concerns. The lack of accountability in investigating potential conflicts of interest only serves to erode public trust in government officials and reinforces the perception of a political elite operating above the law. It is crucial for transparency and accountability to prevail in upholding the ethical standards expected of those in positions of power.

Written by Staff Reports

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