Hunter Biden’s Walls Closing In: Even CNN Can’t Deny It!

The mainstream media, with a heavy heart, is finally starting to acknowledge the inevitable: Hunter Biden is running out of options and finding himself cornered as the federal government expands its probe into his laundry list of illegal activities including tax evasion, firearm possession, and lobbying crimes. It’s about time they faced the music!

Even CNN analysts, who typically find creative ways to spin things in favor of the left, had to admit that there is “nothing good” for Hunter in the latest revelations. Special counsel David Weiss has convened a second grand jury in Los Angeles and has even subpoenaed James Biden, the president’s own brother. This clearly shows that the investigation is ramping up, and it’s likely connected to Hunter’s failure to register as a foreign agent while playing the lobbying game for foreign companies.

CNN’s Poppy Harlow couldn’t hide her curiosity when she asked, “What does a grand jury in California tell you?” Well, Poppy, it tells us that things are not looking good for Hunter Biden. Former federal prosecutor Jennifer Rodgers concurred, stating that the gun charges in Delaware were just the tip of the iceberg. Now, with the expansion of the investigation and potential felony tax charges in California, it seems like the walls are closing in on Hunter. Get your popcorn ready, folks!

Rodgers made it clear that Weiss and his team have been diligently working on this case for a long time. They wouldn’t have taken action in California unless they had a mountain of evidence against the president’s darling son. Finally, it seems like justice might just prevail, and the Biden family’s web of corruption might unravel sooner than we expected.

But let’s not forget the mishaps that have tarnished this investigation. Whistleblowers have come forward, exposing how Biden Justice Department officials initially denied Weiss, the U.S. Attorney for Delaware, special counsel powers. It’s clear that attempts were made to protect President Biden from being connected to his son’s illegal activities. Shameful, isn’t it? The lengths some people will go to shield their political allies!

Of course, Hunter’s attorneys are doing everything in their power to defend their client. They’ve resorted to suing the Biden administration, threatening the IRS whistleblowers, and even requesting a subpoena for former President Donald Trump. It’s a desperate attempt to deflect responsibility and play the victim card. But let’s not forget that the evidence against Hunter is piling up, and dropping charges won’t change that fact. The truth has a way of surfacing, no matter how hard you try to hide it.


Written by Staff Reports

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