Illegal Driver’s Fatal Bus Crash Exposes Biden’s Lax Immigration Fiasco

In a devastating accident that shook the small town of Clark County, Ohio, the driver of a minivan that collided with a school bus, resulting in the death of an innocent child, has been revealed to be an illegal immigrant. Hermanio Joseph, a 35-year-old from Haiti, was charged with aggravated vehicular homicide for the incident that occurred on the first day of school. This heart-wrenching tragedy once again raises serious concerns about the lax immigration policies under President Joe Biden.

According to multiple reports, Joseph was driving a Honda Odyssey when he recklessly veered into the opposing lane, ultimately crashing into a Northwestern Local Schools bus carrying over 50 children. The impact caused the bus to flip over, leading to the tragic death of 11-year-old Aiden James Clark. Another child sustained life-threatening injuries, while numerous others were rushed to the hospital with various injuries. It is incomprehensible that such a horrific incident could have been avoided if not for Joseph’s irresponsible actions.

Further investigation revealed that Joseph, residing in the United States illegally, possessed an Ohio Identification Card and an invalid Mexican driver’s license. It is outrageous that an individual with no legal right to be in our country was freely driving on our roads, putting innocent lives in danger. This case clearly demonstrates the failure of the Biden administration’s immigration policies and their disregard for public safety.

Critics argue that President Biden’s “Catch and Release” network is to blame for incidents like this. Under this flawed system, illegal immigrants are often released into the United States without proper vetting or court appearances. John Fabbricatore, a former senior ICE official and member of the National Immigration Center for Enforcement (NICE) advisory board, rightfully calls attention to the Biden administration’s dangerous agenda. Fabbricatore criticizes their prioritization of mass migration over public safety, pointing out the lack of proper tracking and monitoring of those who enter our country illegally.

It is disturbing that Hermanio Joseph, who entered the United States just a few months ago, was able to obtain a valid Mexican driver’s license. This suggests that he had been living comfortably in Mexico for an extended period and had no legitimate reason to seek refuge in the United States. This tragedy should serve as a wake-up call to the Biden administration and its supporters – we must prioritize the safety and security of American citizens before appeasing the demands of illegal immigrants.

As ICE agents place a detainer on Joseph, requesting custody if he is released, it is vital that we hold criminals accountable for their actions. It is the duty of our government to protect its citizens, and we cannot continue to tolerate the dangers posed by illegal immigrants. This devastating school bus crash serves as a stark reminder of the tragedies that can occur when we neglect border security and fail to enforce immigration laws.

It is time for President Biden to prioritize public safety over mass migration. We need stronger border control, swift deportation procedures, and an end to policies that encourage illegal entry into our country. The loss of young Aiden James Clark is a painful reminder of the stakes involved, and it is our responsibility to ensure that tragedies like these become a thing of the past.

Written by Staff Reports

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