Illinois Bill to Rename Offenders Stirs Budget, Victim Concerns

Legislators in Illinois are working to enact a bill that would alter the state's referral policy for those convicted of crimes. The Illinois Department of Corrections will have additional representation on the Adult Redeploy Illinois oversight board as a result of House Bill 4409. Additionally, the bill suggests substituting "justice-impacted individuals" for the term "offender." Nonetheless, a few Republican senators have expressed worry about the possible expenses this reclassification may have on the taxpayers.

Sen. Terri Bryant of the state voiced her worries about the name change's financial effects, pointing out that updating paperwork for several agencies would be expensive. State Senator Steve McClure, a Republican as well, contended that the name change is insensitive to the victims of violent acts. He underlined the significance of making people answerable for their deeds and expressed concerns that the law would absolve offenders of responsibility, which would be detrimental to victims.

Democratic state senators Adriane Johnson, Mike Simmons, and Robert Peters, as well as Democratic state representatives Kelly M. Cassidy and Lindsey LaPointe, are the bill's sponsors. Republican colleagues in the state Senate were counseled not to worry too much about the renaming, while Democratic senators emphasized the need for greater representation in the ARI program.

After passing both the Illinois House and Senate, the law is currently awaiting the signature of Governor J.B. Pritzker. Both legislators who support and oppose the bill agree that it would represent a dramatic change in how Illinois' criminal justice system handles those who have committed crimes if it becomes law.

Written by Staff Reports

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