Illinois Gun Control Advocates Push for More Limits on Second Amendment Rights

Gun control advocates were out in full force at the Illinois Statehouse this week, pushing their agenda for stricter gun laws. The anti-gun crowd from Everytown for Gun Safety, Moms Demand Action, and even some from Minnesota, gathered for a rally to demand more restrictions on Second Amendment rights. They whined and moaned about needing more protection and justice for the survivors of gun violence, and even blamed Illinois’ supposedly “messed up” gun laws for the violence in the state.

State Sen. Celina Villanueva, a Democrat from Chicago, had the audacity to claim that the state’s gun laws are “messed up” and suggest that the rights of law-abiding gun owners were more important than the right of citizens to live. She wants to push a measure that would require police to confiscate firearms from those who have restraining orders against them, ignoring the fact that these individuals’ due process rights would be trampled on.

Illinois already has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, including the burdensome Firearm Owners ID card requirement and a ban on over 170 types of firearms and magazines. But, of course, these laws are being challenged in federal court for violating the Constitution.

Thankfully, the Illinois State Rifle Association and other Second Amendment champions will be heading to Springfield to stand up for the rights of law-abiding citizens. They’re gearing up for a massive lobbying effort to remind the politicians who they work for. They will march through the city, making their voices heard, and demonstrating that they won’t stand for any more attacks on their Second Amendment rights. Let’s hope the politicians listen, or they might just find themselves out of a job come election time!

Written by Staff Reports

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