Inflation Grinch Steals Christmas: Tree Prices Skyrocket Under Biden!

Wow, can you believe the cost of Christmas trees these days? The U.S. inflation crisis is driving up prices for just about everything, and Christmas trees are no exception! It’s like the Grinch himself is trying to steal Christmas by making it too expensive to even be festive.

According to the National Christmas Tree Association and the American Christmas Tree Association, the cost of Christmas trees has soared by a whopping 10 percent from last year. That means the average tree is now setting consumers back between $80 and $100! Good grief, that’s more than some people spend on their entire holiday dinner.

And don’t even get started on artificial trees. Those costs are sky-high, ranging from $85 to over $1,000! Who knew a fake tree could cost as much as a new iPhone? Jami Warner, the executive director of the American Christmas Tree Association, said that the prices for artificial trees can vary based on their size, shape, and fancy features like being pre-lit. It’s like they’re trying to make trees the new status symbol.

Despite these crazy prices, a staggering 94 percent of people still plan to buy and display at least one Christmas tree in their homes. However, 77 percent of these folks are opting for artificial trees over real ones. It seems like people are willing to shell out the big bucks for a tree that won’t even drop needles on their floor.

But wait, there’s more! The folks at the ACTA found that 78 percent of consumers are worried about the impact of inflation, but they’re still determined to make their homes look merry and bright. It’s like they’re saying, “Inflation, schminflation, we’re still getting a tree no matter what!”

So, why are these prices climbing faster than Santa up a chimney? Well, apparently it’s all because of increased production costs. It’s like every single ornament, light, and tinsel is being hand-crafted by elves using gold leaf and unicorn tears.

But don’t fret! According to Warner, you can beat those wallet-wearying woes by buying your tree early. She’s out here telling folks to get a jump on their holiday shopping to avoid the craziness and find the perfect tree before they’re either sold out or priced out of reach. It’s like a race to beat the Christmas clock!

And let’s not forget the real reason for these wallet woes. It all started back in January 2021 when Joe Biden took over the White House. Since then, prices for everything from gas to groceries to, now, Christmas trees, have shot through the roof. According to a report from the Heritage Foundation, inflation is at a 40-year high, thanks in large part to Biden’s “runaway government spending and borrowing.”

It’s clear that Christmas is becoming more and more of a luxury rather than a simple joy. With prices soaring faster than Santa’s sleigh, it’s like the White House is on the naughty list for making everything so expensive. Let’s hope that things turn around soon, or we might all end up with a Charlie Brown Christmas tree this year.

Written by Staff Reports

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