Jordan Ignites Spirit as House Politics Grow Hazy

Speaker Designate Jim Jordan (R-OH) is not giving up on his bid for speakership, despite facing opposition within his own party. With more than 20 members of the Republican party still potentially opposing him, the House remains at a standstill as they strive to elect a new speaker. The House is scheduled to meet for its third round of voting on Friday to determine the next speaker. However, it is uncertain whether Jordan will garner enough support this time around.

During the second round of voting, 22 Republicans voted against Jordan, falling short of the 217 votes needed to secure the speaker’s gavel. Jordan, however, remains determined to rally his colleagues and move forward with the legislative agenda. He emphasized the importance of helping Israel and funding key governmental elements through the appropriations process. Jordan believes that electing a speaker is the quickest way to get all of this important work done.

Despite reaching out to Republicans who voted against him, Jordan has made little progress in changing their minds. Some party members are considering other options, such as supporting Rep. Jodey Arrington’s candidacy. However, Jordan’s allies argue that his nomination is the best path forward.

It is unclear whether lawmakers will need to stay in Washington over the weekend for additional votes. Jordan did not confirm if he would continue pushing for votes, but he mentioned the 15 ballots it took to elect former Speaker Kevin McCarthy. This suggests that he may be willing to persevere in order to overcome opposition.

Written by Staff Reports

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