Judge Twists Verdict: Claims Trump Raped Carroll

In yet another example of liberal bias and anti-Trump propaganda, a judge has made outlandish claims that former President Donald Trump raped E. Jean Carroll. Despite the fact that Trump was only found liable for sexual assault, this judge seems determined to tarnish his reputation even further. It seems like no matter what Trump does, the left will stop at nothing to distort the truth and smear his name.

The judge in question, US District Judge Lewis Kaplan, made these outrageous statements in an opinion that was issued recently. According to Business Insider, Judge Kaplan wrote that the evidence from the trial clearly demonstrated that Trump “raped” Carroll. Now, let’s be clear here folks. Trump was found not guilty of rape, but apparently, this judge thinks he has the power to rewrite the verdict. It’s just more judicial activism on display.

Even though the jury’s verdict overwhelmingly favored Carroll, with the exception of the rape charge, Judge Kaplan is determined to twist the facts to fit his own narrative. He claims that while Carroll may not have met the narrow legal definition of rape in New York, we should all believe that Trump is a rapist based on common understanding of the word. Well, I’m sorry, judge, but common sense and the rule of law should go hand in hand. Trump is innocent until proven guilty, no matter how much the left wants to pretend otherwise.

To add insult to injury, Trump is now facing even more legal trouble as Carroll has filed a lawsuit against him over her claims. And in an unsurprising turn of events, Trump has countersued Carroll for defamation. It’s clear that she is trying to use these baseless accusations to further her own agenda and gain attention. But we shouldn’t be surprised, folks. This is the same playbook the left has been using against Trump since day one.

It’s important to note that despite all of these legal battles, Trump remains the clear frontrunner among Republicans for the 2024 presidential election. The left’s attempts to vilify him and tarnish his reputation have only strengthened his support. Americans see through the lies and see Trump for the strong, effective leader that he is. They know that he will continue to fight for their values and put America first.

So, while the left may continue to spread their lies and push their biased agenda, true conservatives know the truth. Trump is innocent until proven guilty, and no amount of liberal spin can change that fact. Let’s focus on the real issues that matter to the American people, and continue to support Trump as he works towards making America great again.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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