Kamala Harris’ 60 Minutes Nightmare: A Masterclass in Missteps!

Kamala Harris’ appearance on 60 Minutes was nothing short of a disaster. It seems like every few months, Harris gets “reintroduced” to the American people, as if they didn’t already know who she is. But the press keeps trying to make her happen, like the McRib sandwich that comes back every year (but let’s be real, who actually likes the McRib?).

The puff piece that 60 Minutes put together for Harris quickly turned into a train wreck. They tried to portray her as a savvy politician, but let’s not forget how she got to where she is. Joe Biden had to rescue her from the trash heap of failed candidates who couldn’t even make it past the Iowa caucuses. And yet, she was the frontrunner for a significant amount of time. That says more about the state of the Democratic Party than anything else.

Harris has always relied on identity politics to propel her career, rather than actual competence. And it’s clear in this interview. She had to announce that Joe Biden is still alive. Seriously? Is that what it’s come to? And let’s not forget about the economy. Prices are skyrocketing, interest rates are through the roof, and home ownership is becoming a luxury. But Harris thinks the problem is just a lack of effective messaging. No, Kamala, the problem is your policies.

But the most concerning part of the interview was when Harris hinted at going to war with Iran. Remember when she went to Europe to warn Russia not to invade Ukraine, and the next day Putin moved into the Donbas region? Yeah, warnings from the Biden administration hold about as much weight as a deflated balloon. It’s clear that Harris is out of her depth and has no clue what she’s doing.

At the end of the day, no amount of reboots can save Kamala Harris as a presidential candidate. The Democrats played the identity politics game and now they’re stuck with one of the worst candidates in modern history. Good luck in 2024, guys. You’re gonna need it.

Written by Staff Reports

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