Kari Lake Closes Her Arizona Governor Campaign In Trumpian Style — Today Is Just the Beginning

Kari Lake held a final rally before the election at the Dillon Products hangar, which was Trumpian in appearance.

Hundreds of Patriots turned out the night before the election to rally around their Arizona Republican candidates. Lake took the stage with fellow Trump-Endorsed candidates Mark Finchem, Abe Hamadeh, and Blake Masters. The four candidates concluded their Arizona First Bus Tour in Prescott.

The Gateway Pundit released the final numbers showing that the Trump-backed Arizona Slate was leading in the state.

Early vote totals show that the Republicans are expected to win in Arizona. If the election is not marred by fraud, then the state's Republicans will be able to win. Regardless of the published results, Kari Lake is now a force in Republican politics. Kari offers what few candidates can – Beauty, Poise, Intelligence, a Love for her country, and unlimited charisma.

If Democrats try to steal this race from Kari they will be announcing to the world that the entire system is rigged.

We will not be fooled or swayed.

As Tucker Carlson said, and what the rest of us truly believe, only fraud can defeat Kari Lake in Arizona today.

May God carry Kari Lake to victory today.

And may God return true justice to our land.

It’s her time.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on GATEWAY PUNDIT.

Written by Staff Reports

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